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She understands the need to listen to your body and gives modifications to allow you to tailor your session. Catie is such an inspiration and a good friend.”

“Catie’s barre is the perfect go-to workout for me. She’s uplifting, full of encouragement and support, while constantly challenging and pushing you.

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“I’m 59 years old, and just over a year ago, I started doing Catie’s barre classes on my daughter’s recommendation. It was tough starting as a complete beginner at my age, but I persevered, and I’m now doing three classes a week and loving the results. I’m so much stronger and have so much more energy now. On a recent visit to my doctor for a DEXA scan, he was amazed to see that my bone density had improved significantly!

“Catie is an inspirational teacher with the most amazing energy I’ve ever met! Thank you
so much, Catie, for everything you do!”

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Her expertise, enthusiasm and kind and upbeat nature made our workouts so much fun. I constantly felt inspired and motivated and remained fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING, Catie! I can’t wait to get back to our workouts postnatally.

“I am incredibly grateful to have trained with Catie throughout my pregnancy. She is one of a kind and the absolute best barre instructor. 

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“I have been a client of Catie’s for over five years. The results have come both physically and mentally, but my most proud achievement has been showing my children how disciplined and dedicated I am with my at-home workout routine. This has instilled a deeper perspective of well-being within our home, and I am indebted to Catie for giving me the courage and support to thrive.”

“Her lesson planning is extraordinary, and the way she teaches is unlike anything I have experienced. 


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“There is nothing like a Catie Miller barre workout!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Barre Series? 

Barre Series is a low-impact, sweat-inducing, muscle-sculpting blend of ballet, Pilates and cardio. Although it’s inspired by dance, it’s grounded in Pilates and layers in (optional!) cardio. Classes are delivered online, on-demand, and in our Mayfair studio for you to sweat wherever and whenever you like. 

When will I receive the zoom class link?

Your unique zoom link will be emailed across to your email used to book the session 5-10 mins prior to the start time of the class. Please check your junk folder in case you have not received it. 

What do I need for my virtual barre class?

Grab a mat, hand weights (½ or 1 kilo are just about right!), and a chair! That’s it– it’s that simple. Be sure to bring water to sip throughout and a sweat towel. 

Can I speak to the instructor during the session?

Yes, you are welcome and encouraged to chat with your instructor via the chat box. Please let your instructor know at the beginning of class if you have any injuries or if you are prenatal or postnatal. We want to ensure the class experience caters to your needs as effectively as we can. 

Do I have to have a dance background to participate in barre? 

Heck no! Barre Series is beginner friendly. We make it easy to follow whether or not you have a dance background by demonstrating exercises. Plus, we always start at the modification level, so you can add advancements when you’re ready—never before. 

Are your classes safe for prenatal and postnatal clients? 

Absolutely! First, let us know if you’re prenatal or postnatal before class. We pride ourselves on being trained in prenatal and postnatal modifications and will let you know when it’s time to modify in class. You can email us or message us in the zoom chat. 

What if I have an injury? 

Let us know if you have an injury before class, so we can note the injury on your file and share modifications with you throughout the class. You can email or message us in the zoom chat. 

What should I bring to class? 

You can take any Barre Series class without equipment and still sweat like a 1980s Jane Fonda! A chair or countertop for your “barre” and a yoga mat for floor work will make the class more manageable. Grab 1–2 kg hand weights and a resistance band for advancements when ready for a challenge. 

What should I wear to class? 

Comfortable, fitted workout wear is our go-to; it allows the instructor to see your body and provide helpful cues and corrections so you’re working out safely. If you’re working out on hardwood floors, barre socks are a lifesaver.

Can I do barre every day? 

Heck yes! The beauty of barre’s low-impact workouts is you can exercise every day. Because we start with small, isolating movements and then work into bigger, lengthening movements, we’ll stretch your muscles and minimize tightness so you don’t feel as sore the day after your workout. 

How quickly will I see results? 

Results and goals are different for everyone, but if you’re taking class three days per week, you should start to feel stronger, agile and leaner after three weeks! 

How many calories will I burn?

Calorie burn depends on height, weight, activity, diet, genetics, etc. The average female client will burn between 300 and 600 calories, while the average male client will burn between 500 and 800 calories. Wear a Fitbit or Apple Watch to class to track how many calories YOU burn. 

Will I bulk up? 

No! Barre Series was designed to sculpt long, lean muscles like a ballerina. That’s why our movements are based on ballet technique and dancers’ strength training and conditioning.

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